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  • Contracting jobs and the hourly rates
    If you're like many homeowners, you may find hiring a contractor for home improvement jobs to be very frustrating and difficult. One of the most important factors that you will consider when hiring a contractor is price. The prices listed in this table are median prices only, and your final price may vary depending on exact type of job.
  • How to use wind power for your home?
    Most modern wind power systems can provide quite a bit of free power for your home using nothing more than a passing breeze for fuel. These systems have matured to the point where they present a reliable and cost effective alternative to solar power and can be installed in a few hours on most homes.
  • Tips for designing and landscaping your swimming pool
    Designing your own above-ground swimming pool is a great way to bring style, beauty and practicality to your backyard landscape. Evaluate the existing landscape in your back yard and think about how the new swimming pool can fit into that overall landscape. The zoning and safety laws governing swimming pools vary from municipality to municipality.
  • How to set a price when selling your home?
    If you are planning to sell your home, don't be too surprised if your real estate agent is unwilling to help you set a price. Real estate agents, although more familiar with property values than consumers, do not want to be held responsible for setting the price of a home. If the property either fails to sell or sells too fast, the real estate agent knows that he will be the one blamed for setting the price too high or too low.
  • Creative ways to use LED lighting
    Most LED lighting devices used in many homes today are for aesthetic purposes. These versatile lights can create a lot of drama and creativity to any room in the home. For example, LED faucets in the bathroom are becoming quite popular.
  • How to paint like a pro: tips for amateurs
    If you are a typical DIYer, you have probably decided, at some point in your life, that some room in your house could do with a new paint job. If you decide to leave the paint color the same, all you have to worry about are things like taping and moldings and windowpanes.
  • How to install a cement board underlayment?
    Cementboard is an underlayment material that building professionals recommend you use if you are installing a floor made from materials such as natural stone tile and some ceramic tile. Cementboard is a denser material than plywood, and it is essential to use under tile floors in rooms where chances are good the floor will get wet, such as bathrooms.
  • Heating and cooling with passive solar techniques
    Solar passivity is much discussed among the avant-guard of renewable energy experts. But what is it, exactly, and how is it used?
  • The green roof concept
    A green roof should not be confused with green roofing. Green roofing materials are simply conventional roofing materials re-engineered in ways that minimize their environmental impact.
  • Residential membrane roof installation
    Installation of residential membrane roofing is straightforward enough that it can be accomplished by moderately skilled homeowners.
  • How to build a gravel driveway? (Project management)
    Gravel driveways have many benefits. They are affordable to install and last for years with regular maintenance. They work in both city and country locations.
  • Staining Your Concrete Floors
    Many homeowners are ripping up their carpet and hardwood, exposing the bare concrete underneath. Why? To get the rich look of natural stone or even tanned leather. When you stain your concrete floors, you can achieve any of these lovely finishes.
  • Mobile Home Roof Leaks: A Quick, Inexpensive Fix
    If your mobile home has a metal roof, you are likely to have leaks here and there. When you cover the roof, pay careful attention to the seams and edges. These are leak-prone areas, and should get a slightly-thicker layer of coating than other parts.
  • Bulletproof Doors and Windows - Safety and Security
    Both bulletproof doors and windows can be custom designed to fit the needs of a particular business or private individuals. Besides being made from bulletproof glass, bulletproof doors are made from protective metals, too.
  • 5 Easy Steps to Resealing a Blacktop Driveway
    The process isn't all that difficult, strenuous or time-consuming, and it doesn't have to be particularly expensive if you do it yourself. The best part about blacktop resealing is that it results in a dramatic improvement in the appearance of your home.
  • Home Water Treatment: What Are the Options?
    Finding the best water treatment for a home is no simple matter. The first impulse is to buy the cheapest water treatment system available, but this might be a mistake.
  • Oil Burner Maintenance
    Because the system works away quietly in the background, many people overlook the importance of making sure their oil burners get routine maintenance work. Running an oil burner that is not maintained properly results in poorer fuel efficiency.
  • How to Pour a Cement Patio in Freezing Weather?
    Pouring concrete in cold weather requires an insulator to allow the concrete to cool at a slow rate. If the concrete cools too quickly, the water inside the mix freezes before the concrete cures.
  • The Importance of Professionally-Installed Electrical Upgrades for Your Home
    A professional electrician has the skills required to do the job safely, and with the highest quality. The electrician is familiar with the various codes and regulations governing the home, as well as with the components and upgrades best suited to the needs of the home.
  • Laying Tile on an Uneven Floor without Construction Software
    To lay tiles on an uneven floor, you will first have to create a smooth, even surface. This is traditionally done using what is called a mud bed or a wet bed. It uses a mixture of sand and cement to create a smooth surface that is as hard as concrete, but not quite as strong.
  • How to Improve Energy Efficiency of Existing Homes Using Shading Systems
    Yes, you have read all about passive solar design techniques and know what they can do to improve energy ratings for buildings. But these can only be employed at design stage, right?
  • 3 Profitable Home Improvement Projects
    A lot of homeowners tend to invest money on improvement projects that add aesthetic appeal to their homes. They tend to overlook that putting money into updating functionalities such as plumbing and electrical systems in the home can actually yield an average 260% ROI for American homes.
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