If you're like many homeowners, you may find hiring a contractor for home improvement jobs to be very frustrating and difficult. One of the most important factors that you will consider when hiring a contractor is price. Prices vary greatly from job to job and from city to city, and are often based on the contractor's job title and/or experience. So how can you know that the price you're being quoted is fair? This table summarizes many common home improvement professions and typical median hourly rates for each.

Contracting Job

Rate per Hour


Appliance installation


Installation of various appliances.

Brick masonry work


Laying brick for walls, walkways, etc.



General carpentry work such as stair rail installation, etc.

Carpet installation


Installation of carpet, pad, and associated trims.

Ceiling tile installation


Installation of ceiling tile and supporting grid.

Cleaning service


General housekeeping services.



General construction projects, such as a remodel or addition.

Counter top installation


Kitchen or bath counter top installation.

Door installation


Installation of interior or exterior doors.

Drywall installation


Installation of drywall in new or existing rooms.



Various electrical installations such as rewiring or lighting.



Removal of earth in preparation for other projects such as swimming pools.

Floor coating


Application of paint or other floor coatings, especially in garages.

Garage door installation


Installation of new or replacement garage door.

General contractor


A “Jack of all trades” that can supervise or work on any project.



Sloping land for drainage.

Gutter installation


Installation of gutter system for roof.

Home entertainment system installation


Installation of home theater components.

Interior design


Consultation with designer to choose flooring, paint, etc for home décor.

Kitchen and bath installation (whole job)


Complete kitchen or bath remodel.

Kitchen cabinet installation


Installation of new or replacement kitchen cabinets.

Laminate flooring installation


Installation of laminate flooring and associated trims.



Design and/or planting of shrubs, trees, etc.

Lawn service


Lawn maintenance, including mowing, weeding, etc.



Installation or re-keying of locks.

Low voltage lighting installation


Installation of low voltage wiring for home security systems or landscape lights.

Manufactured building installation


Installation of manufactured buildings, including sheds or modular homes.

Metal roofing installation


Installation of metal roofing.

Molding installation


Installation of decorative molding such as chair rail and baseboards.

Moving and relocation services


Packing and transporting household goods from one home to another.



Interior or exterior painting, typically with brushes or rollers.



Various plumbing installations or repairs.

Pump installation


Installation of various pumps, including well or sump pumps.

Roofing installation


Installation of roofing and associated trims.

Security system install


Install security system.

Siding installation


Installation of siding.

Solar energy system installation


Installation of solar panels, etc to use the sun's energy.

Spray painting


Painting jobs that require a sprayer, typically exterior projects.

Stone masonry work


Laying of stone for walls, walkways, etc.

Swimming pool installation


Installation of above ground or in ground swimming pools.

Tile installation (flooring)


Installation of floor tile including grout and moldings.

Tile installation (other)


Installation of tile on surfaces other than the floor.



Wallpaper hanging.

Window installation


Installation of new or replacement windows.

The prices listed in this table are median prices only, and your final price may vary depending on exact type of job and the area you live in. Always shop around for the best price, check your contractor out with the Better Business Bureau before hiring him, and get everything in writing.